Dear Marketer,

Patrick Glowacki here, along with yet another JAMMED PACKED Epic Niches Package, discovering the greatest affiliate programs up to date THE Coconut Oil Secret Exposed Niche.

I've unveiled a large number of top KEYWORDS along with DOMAINS to aid you to kill it within the amazingly lucrative niche. As you may know, I am a respected internet marketer who creates Affiliate Niche sites for a living. I've developed WordPress plugins, Software plus write Advanced SEO books. I truly do all of this in order to help all my students and IMPROVE most of the overwhelming on-site daily basis tasks.

90% of my students reach out to me struggling why their sites are failing… and therefore the answer is straightforward. That they can NEGLECTED one particular or even more, any of the 6 KEY PILLARS using Affiliate Site Building.


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Are you aware that as soon as you NEGLECT any ONE of the following, your affiliate sites WILL FAIL MISERABLY?

  • Keyword Research

  • Domain Research

  • Product Research

  • Website Graphics

  • Secondary Keywords

  • Product Reviews

I know the feeling, “SETUP” a site quickly and expect the cash to flow in…

When I started out I did not spend any time on any of the above PARTICULARLYKeyword Research. I just bought a domain and started writing on some keywords which ALWAYS resulted in nothing.


After years of hard work, tweaking and testing I realized there was much more to Keyword, Domain & Niche Research. In FACT there are up to 8 TECHNIQUES that one must follow in order to decide if a KEYWORD is GOOD or BAD. There is only ONE way to do Keyword Research and that’s the RIGHT WAY. Unfortunately it is a long tedious process and that is why I am bringing you this today… 

Beginner or Advanced affiliate marketers can take advantage of a “Complete Coconut Oil Secret  Niche Package that will bring you HUGE profit on 3 main keyword niche’s.

  • NO Research Needed


  • NO Missing Links

  • NO Worry

Tens of THOUSANDS of Monthly Searches ALONE For 3 of Many Keywords

You Will Be Getting...

  • Access to a Billion Dollar Niche.
  • High converting CB product that can generate huge profit.
  • High Gravity Niche.
  • "The Coconut Oil Secret Exposed" Analyzed Keywords.
  • "The Coconut Oil Secret Reviews" Analyzed Keywords.
  • "The Coconut Oil Benefits" Analyzed Keywords.
  • "The Coconut Oil Secret Exposed" Analyzed Domains.
  • "The Coconut Oil Secret Reviews" Analyzed Domains.
  • "The Coconut Oil Benefits" Analyzed Domains.
  • ULTRA Professional Website Graphics
  • Required Site Pages
  • Required Site Plugins
  • Articles Starter Pack
  • Complete Affiliate Courses on how to earn $5.000 per month.

Each KEYWORD Is Analyzed To The Following Standards

  • Keyword
  • Monthly Searches
  • CPC
  • Competing Pages
  • Real Competition
  • CP Strength
  • Average PR
  • PR Strength
  • Competition Results
  • Ad’s Count (Shows if keyword is commercial or not)
  • Keyword Rating (Amazing, Good, Bad)

Perhaps You May Be wondering, Why The Coconut Oil Secrete Niche

After many hours of researching  PRODUCTS, KEYWORDS and DOMAINS I finally found a winning niche within one of the most profitable niches online to date. The Coconut Oil Secret Niche is certainly a victory for everyone as there are millions of people all over the world desperately trying to improve their health!

  • Not only are we looking at low competition for my SELECTED KEYWORDS but HUGE monthly search volumes.
  • We are looking at $39.00 per product sale.
  • We are looking at ever increasing SEARCH VOLUME statistics.
  • The Coconut Oils Secret is a High Gravity Product.
  • Great Sales Material to Dominate the Niche.
  • Recurring Commissions on Sales.
  • Above average CPC earnings.
  • Billion Dollar Niche


As you can see you get Complete ACCESS to an ClickBank ready made niche. Simply follow the steps below to DOMINATE this Coconut Oil Secret niche all the way to the bank.

No need to waste any more time setting up sites not knowing if they will become a success or not. You have the entire package here ready to go.


billion dollar niche

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  • 1

    The Coconut Oil Secret Exposed Packets

    This Money Making Niche will enable you to DOMINATE this particular Niche which is part of a BILLION Dollar Market.

  • 2

    Pick DOMAINS & KEYWORDS from Packets

    Every keyword and domain name has been put through strict competitive analysis to bring you the BEST match results to rank on page 1 and generate sales.

  • 3

    Install Themes & Graphics

    Select your high quality graphics to be uploaded to your site to aid in overall affiliate sales.

  • 4

    Select Your Product Review Articles

    Fill out site with Starter Articles written by a professional English Speaking writer form the UK.

  • 5

    Set Up Your Coconut Oil Secret Exposed Products

    The packet will provide you with the links and promotional material for your site to ensure, you will make a huge profit with recurring commissions.

  • 6

    Install Plugins & Site Pages

    The Package provides you with important site pages and plugins to install on your site to id the Google SEO.

  • 7

    Top Quality Courses Provide

    Learn the inner secrets to create affiliates sites with the course provided.

Warning Limited Copies Available

As this is QUALITY PLR that contains winning KEYWORDS & DOMAINS I must limit the number of copies available so my clients get the best value and opportunity to setup many sites per package. So I would advise you to get in NOW while you can.

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When you can DOWNLOAD this package that does all the hard work for you for the price of a domain name. If you need more convincing checkout more proof below as well as your bonuses

The Coconut Oil Secret Niche Packets
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This is a screen shot of my Amazon Account using the same KEYWORDS, & DOMAIN STRATEGIES as in this NICHE Package.

My Awesome Bonuses

Complete Affiliate Courses on how to earn $5.000 per month.


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The Coconut Oil Secret Niche Packets
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To Your Massive Success,

19th February 2018